Ministerial Amplifiers: Understanding the Impact of Charisma, Talent, and Insight


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Understanding the impact of charisma, talent, and insight


In Ephesians 4, Paul outlines the “leadership gifts” of those in ministry. He claims some are called to do instruction (teachers), mission (evangelists), truth-telling (prophets), therapeutic chaplaincy (pastors), and organization (apostles). These gifts are not mutually-exclusive, but those in ministry will recognize greater comfort and competency in one or several of these. Perhaps more significantly, each gift can be enhanced by three ministerial amplifiers: charisma, talent, and insight. These can be maximized and combined.

This curriculum will help you understand the overlap between contemporary ministry and the gifts in Ephesians 4; appreciate how natural gifts and abilities can be amplified; understand the pros/cons of each amplifier; and cultivate both the gifts and the amplifiers to ensure greater effectiveness.


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