Missio Dei: The Mission of God to Heal the World


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Enrolling in God’s mission to heal the world

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God works to heal the world, until the earth is covered with the glory of the Lord as waters cover the sea (cf. Jeremiah 33.6; Habakkuk 2.14). This multi-millennia project is a cooperative effort between God and God’s image-bearers, who themselves are meant to exercise dominion over Creation as God’s stewards and perpetuate divine creativity. The fulfillment of this mission is good news to all Creation (cf. Mark 16.15) and involves all the inhabitants of the earth bringing their tribute to God in the New Creation (cf. Revelation 21-22).

This curriculum will help you understand what, specifically, the mission of God entails; design simple, sustainable strategies for coaching your people into gospel-living; and organize your personal and ecclesial mission.


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