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Our approach to ministerial innovation and design involves a matrix that employs 5 phases which we’ve incorporated into the acronym D.R.E.A.M. We’ll help you delve into a particular ministry problem, restrain yourself to real-world constraints, explore scriptural and cultural resources, make 1-4 attempts at a prototype, and then materialize your hypothesis into a service, offering, or experience.

This framework relies upon your lateral imagination to craft innovative solutions to real-world ministry problems. We’ll help get you out of your ruts, move past easy answers, and implement workable, enjoyable, biblical solutions.

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We are your go-to resource for creativity, collaboration, and innovation.

Dive into the deep well of our resources. We have solutions custom-tailored to meet the needs of diverse ministry challenges that will allow you to capitalize on your gifts, your context, and your desire to please God. From insightful articles and training templates, to sample liturgies and missiological partnerships, our library is bursting with proven, actionable strategies you can adopt and adapt to suit your needs.

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Our training and certifications are designed to equip you to evaluate, optimize, and release your ministries for maximum impact. We provide the framework and the biblical underpinnings, but the dream and the passion and the specifics will always remain in your care.

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We provide articles, videos, curriculum, and templates focused on creativity, leadership, liturgics, and spiritual formation. And, every time there are five Fridays in a month, we offer something extra-special to spark your imagination and spur you onto acts of increased creative goodness.


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Are you interested in being one of our authors? Then submit your proposal here and permit us the privilege of guiding you toward making a unique contribution in the field of Christian ministerial innovation. If you’re selected, we promise to push you on your best ideas, challenge you on your biblical understanding, and help you meaningfully engage the culture with the good news of the gospel of God.



We believe God’s best artists, musicians, and liturgists are waiting to be discovered, released, and authenticated. If you have a project focused on bring high energy positivity into a liturgical setting, then we want to cultivate your talent, platform your story, and release your creativity into the Church.


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