How to Keep Your Passions from Killing You: Learning to Plan So You Can Keep Going


This download is a single-page lesson plan.

Learning to plan so you can sustainably move forward



If we’re not careful, we can become caught up in the endless pursuit of “the next big thing,” eager to prove our merit and expand our creativity. But jumping from idea to idea, mission to mission, or event to event is recipe for thankless servitude, bitterness, and joyless neglect. And yet, on the flip side, if we constrain our passions and limit our ambition to only that which is entirely reasonable, we starve our passion and fail to fully optimize.

Good planning is the best strategy for ensuring we get to experience all of the dreams God has placed within us without killing ourselves in the process.

This curriculum will help you learn to do all that God has placed within you to perform…sustainably, joyfully, and with increased effectiveness; avoid “having to come up with more great ideas” when you’re exhausted, beleaguered, and out of resources; and leverage your passion toward your responsibilities.


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