Mandate for Missions: Evaluating Global Engagement from a Local Perspective


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Evaluating global engagement from a local perspective

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Every local church ought to be involved in missions, but that’s is a big topic with a wide semantic range. How do we determine what counts?. And even once we align our missiological efforts with our stated vision and values, there’s still a tremendous amount of need. So, how will we determine which agencies, missionaries, and endeavors in which to invest?

This missions mandate provides a grid by which local churches can evaluate their present efforts, prioritize them, and move forward with confidence that they are both helping heal the world beyond their locale and also serving their congregants.

This curriculum will help you accept that one church can’t do everything, but each church must do something…and that something must not be divorced from the needs, connections, and wellbeing of the local congregation; evaluate current missions efforts, prioritize them, and make healthy adjustments moving forward; and dream about future missiological endeavors that both heal the world and help your people.


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