Concursus Dei: Divine-Human Cooperation in Mission


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Understanding divine-human cooperation in mission

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We call it “concursus dei.” (etym. Latin con-, with + currere, to run: concursus, the coming together.) It means that everything God does, God does with and through people. And the degree to which we cooperate with God is the degree to which God’s world-healing purposes are manifest in Creation. Like the prophet Isaiah said, “all we have accomplished, you have done for us.” (26.12) This means that God is intimately involved in both inspiring and enabling our noble work in the world. As the old saying goes: We, without God, cannot; God, without us, will not.

This curriculum will help you understand that all our work is cooperation with God; evaluate our “kerygmatic anthropology” as a means of discerning where to invest in our communities; and consider new pathways forward in ministry, combining human initiative with divine prompting.


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