Embracing Our Wounds: Learning to Accept and Redeem Pain


This download is a single-page lesson plan.

Learning to redeem pain



We are all wounded, even if no one can see it.

If Jesus’ wounds remained, so will ours. Our wounds are part of who we are, and just as Jesus’ wounds were the marks of redemption and hope, so too will our wounds identify us as the people of God’s promise.
Impairment and limitation are not incompatible with the fullness of human life. There will always be things you cannot do that others can. That doesn’t diminish you, but contextualizes you. Our limitations are not merely from something but for something. Only the Slain Lamb is worthy to open heaven’s scroll (cf. Rev.5.6-7), reminding us there are seals only stigmatized hands can breach.

This curriculum will help you accept your limitations, wounds, and disabilities so they can be redeemed; consider what opportunities, joys, and insights are available precisely because of your limitations; and stop focusing on what your wounds constrict and consider, instead, what those wounds might release in others.


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