Men’s Retreat


This retreat is designed for all Christian people, regardless of their participation in ministry.

Friday, September 20th | 6pm – Saturday, September 21st |  10pm

Protectors. Providers. Priests of the home. But also…depressed, angry, taken for granted. In a world crazed with both the truth and the allegation of “toxic masculinity”, it’s time to reclaim the sacred masculine, to rise up and embody the healthy, holy, heartiness that God intends for men. This retreat will guide you toward a vision of manhood free from the fragility of machismo without adorning you in posies, pigtails, or pastels.   

You know you need it. You know this is the time to do it. Take hold of all God intends for your life, your family, and your future. 

During this weekend experience, we’re going to dive into God’s plans for YOU. Not just God’s general ideas about people, but God’s specific will and calling upon your life. We’ll explore what healthy masculine spirituality truly entails, and what obstacles and roadblocks keep getting in the way. We’ll laugh and have fun, we’ll pray and we’ll study, but throughout the weekend you’re going to hear from God again and again in innumerable ways. 



You will learn: 

* How to find inspiration, instruction, and correction in the Bible. 

* How to discern God’s will for your life. 

* How to develop a robust vision for your future, helping you make decisions consistent with your faith. 

* How to lead yourself, your family, and your workplace in healthy, enjoyable, ways. 

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6:00pm  Arrive and Check in 

6:30pm  SESSION ONE: Why here? Why now? in the Parlor 

7:00pm  Bible Study: John 8.2-11 

8:30pm  SESSION TWO: King. Warrior. Prophet. Lover (an introduction) in the Parlor 

9:00pm  Repose 


8:00am  Big Breakfast 

9:00am  Bible Study in the Parlor: John 4.1-26 

10:30am  Break 

11:00am  SESSION THREE: (Self-Identification) “King, Warrior, Magician, Lover”  

1:00pm   Pizza in the Salon 

2:00pm  Prayer Space: reflecting on maturity 

2:30pm  SESSION FOUR: “What’s Fueling You?” in the Library 

3:30pm  Guided Meditation: via Scripture  

4:30pm  SESSION FIVE: A Vision of your Future in the Library 

5:30pm  Break 

6:30pm  Walk to dinner at GRM and see downtown exhibits 

9:00pm  SESSION SIX: The Ten Commandments