How to Lead a Christian Business


This retreat is designed for all Christian people, regardless of their participation in ministry.

Friday, November 8th | 6pm – Saturday, November 9th |  10pm

How can you lead a business Christianly? What are the characteristics of Christian leadership, and how can you faithfully follow Christ while still meeting the expectations and demands of budget, customers, and HR? What are the essential skills needed for a business to be considered “Christian” even if not all of the employees are people of faith? Join us for this two-day experience where we’ll answer all these questions and many more besides! 

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You will learn: 

* How to lead a successful business as a Christian person. 

* How to incorporate your faith into everything you do (without feeling like you’re either being taken advantage of OR forcing your religion on other people). 

* How to use your resources for kingdom purpose. 

* What differentiates “Christian” businesses from all others. 

* How to discern God’s will for your business. 


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6:00pm  Arrive and get settled 

6:30pm  SESSION ONE: Why here? Why this? Why now? 

7:30pm  SESSION TWO: Essential Elements of Christian Business 

8:30pm  SESSION THREE: 5 Kinds of Investments 

9:15pm  Refreshments 


8:30am Continental Breakfast 

9:00am  BIBLE STUDY : Ecclesiastes 2.18-26 

10:30am  Break 

11:00am  SESSION FOUR: 2 kinds of Leaders, Your Core Competencies, Meaning at Work 

12:30pm  Lunch at a local restaurant 

2:00pm  SESSION FIVE: Cultural Hierarchy 

3:00pm  SESSION SIX: Motivation & Reward 

3:45pm  Break 

4:15pm  SESSION SEVEN: 4 Kinds of Authority, Power Abuse 

5:00pm  Break 

6:30pm  Pizza in the Parlor 

7:30pm  SESSION EIGHT: Social Media 

8:30pm  “The 10 Commandments of Christian Business”