Overcoming Adversity Retreat


This retreat is designed for all Christian people, regardless of their participation in ministry.

Friday, April 5th | 6pm – Saturday, April 6th |  10pm

None of us like to admit we’re afraid, but we all know there are moments when we feel worried, anxious, frantic, and scared. Because that which we fear most indicates that about which we most care. Fear tells us what we love, and how much it would mean if we lost it. Thus, fear orients us in line with our passions albeit facing in the wrong direction. It is our responsibility to do the hard work of turning around. Instead of running from our fear, we will study it. We will understand it. We will use it. And we will learn how to live courageously and victoriously in spite of the ever present threats attacking our peace.

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You will learn:

* How to learn the lessons your fears are teaching you, so you can overcome difficulties and surmount obstacles to your wellbeing

* How to leverage the “free energy” that fear creates, and redistribute that energy toward following your dreams

*  How to remain true to yourself inspite of your circumstances, in spite of adversity, and in spite of self-doubt

* How to orient your life toward your passions (instead of away from your fears, anxieties, and discomforts)

* How to live courageously

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6:00pm    Arrive at the Chapter House

6:30pm    Welcome and Orientation

7:00pm    SESSION ONE: Defining Fear: what do we mean when we say we are afraid?

7:30pm    SESSION TWO: The Fear Frontier

8:30pm    SESSION THREE: Listening to your fears

9:00pm    Wine and Snacks in the Salon



8:30am    Breakfast in the Salon

9:00am    Bible Study in the Parlor: Gideon and Fear: Judges 6

11:00am  SESSION FOUR: Uncovering your Values in the Library

11:45am  SESSION FIVE: Your Values, Passions, Anxieties, and Fears in the Library

12:30pm  Lunch at a local restaurant

2:00pm    SESSION SIX: Your Comfort Zone in the Library

2:30pm    SESSION SEVEN: F.E.A.R. vs. D.A.R.E. in the Library

3:00pm    SESSION EIGHT: P.E.R.M.A. in the Library

4:00pm    Time for conversation and reflection

6:30pm    Dinner in the Salon

7:30pm    10 Commandments of Not Being Afraid

9:00pm    Retreat Concludes



The Confidence Gap, by Russ Harris

Conquering Fear, by Harold Kushner

Fear is Fuel, by Patrick Sweeney II

The Art of Fear, by Kristen Elmer

Monsters, by Dr. David McDonald