Desire and Discipline: Discerning Next Steps


This download is a single-page lesson plan.

Discerning the next steps in your spiritual development, career, or ministerial vocation.



After any intense season of learning, activity, or reflection it is useful to spend a few moments considering what comes next. Selecting tasks, goals, and deliverables helps take our experiences out of the abstract and anchor them into habit, ritual, and ongoing behavior. In particular, it is wise to evaluate our desires and our disciplines, then to metabolize that reflection into action. This curriculum will help you consider all you have been thinking about home, work, and play—both your desires and your disciplines, and how they might be purified, prioritized, and then pursued; create concrete tasks, goals, and deliverables for each of these areas that can be accomplished within 6months; and cultivate a life in which such reflection and actualization becomes the norm.


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