Leading Change: Applying John Kotter’s Change Strategy to Ministry


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Applying John Kotter’s change strategy to ministry


Change is both difficult and necessary. To lead your church through a change—in worship style, on a theological issue, adding/subtracting programs—consider applying the 8-step change plan of Harvard Business School’s John Kotter. His work has featured prominently in leadership literature for the last several decades and can be easily adapted for congregational use. The most important consideration is this, however: change does not simply happen when, or as, we wish. To ensure the necessary changes are implemented with minimal collateral damage requires careful forethought, planning, and execution. This curriculum will help you understand the complexities of major congregational change and how quickly they can be spiritualized; craft visionary, pastoral, change plans that factor in the experience of Christian people concerning their most sacred beliefs and belongings; and move the church forward into a great season of ministerial effectiveness.


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