How to Tell if You’ve Got What it Takes: Evaluating Opportunity


This download is a single-page lesson plan.

Self-evaluating opportunities for success


When faced with an opportunity, the first question we must ask is: Can I do it?

Taking an opportunity for which you are unqualified could lead to disaster—not just unacceptable results, but a deep internal wounding that causes your development to arrest and your confidence to shatter.
Additionally, with the right grid to determine if you ARE qualified, you can enter into the new opportunity with confidence and poise.

This curriculum will help you evaluate your current level of competence in order to determine if you should involve ourselves in any endeavor; identify the weak-points in your competence in order to focus your development for the future; cultivate a lifelong learner’s mindset in order to grow into new and exciting opportunities; and love what you do, and get very good at it.


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