Building the Church: Creating a Great Plan and Cultivating the Dream Home


This download is a single-page lesson plan.

A gameplan for church leadership, resurgence, and design.



Building a church is no easy task. There are a myriad of opinions, and a host of competing ideas. However, there are certain essentials to a 21st Century Evangelical church in the West that are both expected among Christian people and effective in engaging our broader culture. Every church is free to establish these essentials in whatever way seems best, but the point remains: if you’re going to grow a healthy church here, now, you need to do something in each of these areas. This curriculum is a very brief introduction to the rubric employed in our online certification Church Leadership, Resurgence, and Design. You can enroll in the certification here. This brief overview, however, will help you understand the essentials of a 21st Century church and the order in which they should be established; explore the many ways to personalize and particularize these essentials according to mission, vision, and values; and employ this information to clarify objectives and gain momentum in local congregations.


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