Empowerment Equation: Helping High Performers Maximize their Contribution


This download is a single-page lesson plan.

Helping high performers maximize their contribution.



Empowerment improves engagement and retains your top talent, helping people feel excited, valued, and secured in their work. When people feel empowered, they are more willing to:
* Go the extra mile
* Follow best practices
* Collaborate
* Improve performance
* Communicate effectively
* Embrace change
* Spread positivity
* Provide better customer service
* Drive innovation
* Advocate for the mission

This curriculum will help you analyze the essential components of team-empowerment; evaluate personal leadership traits and tendencies, looking for gaps between our current practices and the best practices as outlined in the model; and make concrete changes to routines, processes, and behaviors in order to guarantee the best people are free to perform at the highest level.


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