Fire Bullets Then Cannonballs: Beta-Testing Innovations in Liturgy, Community, and Mission


This download is a single-page lesson plan.

Beta-testing innovations in liturgy, community, and mission.


Innovation inspires complaint. Especially in churches, where the great majority of people first experience any new offering as a disruption of what they already know, already enjoy, and are already committed to tolerating. That’s why it is imperative to test a new initiative before launching it fully and finally; so, at least, the discomfort is associated with newness not non-professionalism. Experiments allow you to make micro-changes, iterations, and adaptations before launch. Once you’ve ironed out the kinks and resolved the major issues, your likelihood of meaningful engagement at scale improves considerably. This curriculum will help you diagnose where failures lurk; ask for insider help and perspective; strategize ways to resolve shortcomings; and put the changes into place in your ministry.


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