Provenance and Terroir: Creating the Right (Mind) Set and Setting for Worship


This download is a single-page lesson plan.

Creating the right mindset and setting for worship



Putting together a meaningful, enjoyable experience for large groups of people can be challenging. And while, historically, there are certain marks that ought to be featured in Christian liturgy (Luther’s marks of the Church, for example), contemporary liturgists must also consider two critical features: (mind)set and setting. With appropriate preparations, the set and setting can be crafted in such a way that more people, even from diverse backgrounds, will have a more meaningful encounter with God.

This curriculum will help you understand the key elements of how liturgy works best, employing provenance and terroir to great effect; reflect upon past liturgies and how they might have been optimized with the right set and setting; and employ provenance and terroir to provide meaningful set and setting in new liturgies.


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