Holy Alive: Rest Issue 05


This issue of Holy Alive concerns Rest. Do you have a vision for the 1/3 of your life that you will spend asleep, undergoing repair to your body and brain? The issue will help!


The layman’s definition of Sabbath has been reduced to a “day when we’re not supposed to work.” Yet we do work on the Sabbath, however much guilt we experience as a result. The problem is that defining Sabbath through such bland inactivity fails to inspire. Furthermore, “rest” as its commonly understood within its religious context connotes “having no fun” and/or “not being rambunctious.” But the Hebrew word for rest, menuha, is more closely aligned with “pleasure”, “happiness”, and “delight” than it is with Bible-based boredom. A fresh understanding of the scriptural intent behind Sabbath will allow us to rejuvenate, since rest is a fundamental part of success, health, and happiness.


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