Maximize Liturgical Effort: Teasing Out the Full Scope of Special Services


This download is a single-page lesson plan.

Teasing out the full scope of special services



Good news – there are more people who will benefit from your ministerial efforts than simply those who attend the liturgy.

This model elucidates how to take an idea and scale it outwards, such that the maximum number of people are blessed by all that occurs within the confines of church services.

This curriculum will help you strategize for maximum impact—both inside and beyond the church—so your efforts are rewarding, engaging, and find a sizable audience; understand the power of multiplying impact—that every creative expression has more than one purpose and can heal the world through multiple avenues; perceive opportunities for greater community impact, gospeling, and interpersonal ministry; and employ this grid as both an evaluation and a guide for liturgical events.


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