How to Make Art Work: Understanding How to Prepare Your People for Creative Pursuits


This download is a single-page lesson plan.

Understanding how to prepare your congregation for creative pursuits



Creativity, by itself, will not typically garner enthusiasm. For the most part, especially in Church, creativity is met with suspicion, confusion, and mild disdain. People will never intuitively understand why you’ve changed something, done something new, or chosen to invest your precious few hours into something “trivial.” We might wish this were otherwise, but it’s safer to acknowledge that there will be greater revulsion than enthusiasm when creative pursuits are prioritized.

The severity, of course, varies in different contexts. Furthermore, resistance definitely doesn’t mean we shouldn’t elevate creativity on all fronts (our God, after all, is first revealed to us as a Creator).

This curriculum will help you understand that creativity, while godly and biblical and beautiful, will nevertheless garner resistance; learn how to counter that resistance without becoming defensive or resentful, and in so doing, learn to better articulate both the method and the philosophy beyond your activities; and culture your church to accept, embrace, and anticipate creativity.


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