Writing – The Big Questions: What, Why, How, and Who


This download is a single-page lesson plan.

Answering the critical concerns of each piece


In any literary endeavor, there are 4 critical concerns that must be addressed before a writer gets too far into their process: intent, audience, form, and genre.

Intent is the motivation for why you’re communicating anything at all. The audience are the people with whom you intend to communicate. Form is the literary structure.

Genre is the story, content, style, and theme of a piece of writing (form is the cake pan, genre is the cake).

Each of these issues constrains the writer in small ways, but those constraints actually enhance the creative energy inherent to the work rather than impede it.

This curriculum will help you understand the different types of writing and how to select them for various settings; get clear on WHAT and WHY you’re writing, so the process unfolds more smoothly; and take joy in your work!


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