5 Propositional Sermon Structures: Crafting an Argument Clearly and Persuasively


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Crafting clear, persuasive arguments in your sermons

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Even the best preachers know that audience attention waxes and wanes, which is why a clear structure is crucial for keeping your audience “hooked.” In each of the propositional structures below (which are distinct from the narrative structures outlined elsewhere), use your transition points as times to re-iterate your thesis and re-engage the congregation. Make your transitions clear, concise, and memorable with pithy statements revealing the spiritual payoff of each new movement in the homily. Remember: a weak structure is indicative of unfinished reflection. Get your communication strategy clear so you can focus on your delivery and be available for the Spirit to nudge you during the sermon. This curriculum will help you play with structure while maintaining clarity and spiritual insight; craft interesting sermons that keep audiences engaged; and drive yourself to go deeper into both the exploration of the scriptures and the payoff to the people.


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