Liturgical Design Strategy: How to Lead a Design Team Through the Process of Series Planning


This download is a single-page lesson plan.

How to lead a team through the process of sermon series planning



Planning is essential to executing high level creativity, especially in liturgy. Additionally, it’s important to understand that there are many people involved in such creativity and that each person has a set of skills, responsibilities, ideas, and ambitions for the series that—in the best of all circumstances—will not only be utilized but authenticated. Clarifying these issues is the responsibility of the lead pastor (though they may/not be personally involved in the process once it begins).

This curriculum will help you understand the rhythm and flow of a long-range strategy for creative integration; diversify responsibility to ensure no one person carries the full weight of creative expression; and set guidelines, deadlines, and expectations for who does what, when, and how we’ll respond if there are gaps.


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