Agents V. Patients: Creating Meaningful Engagements in Worship, Mission, and Formation


This download is a single-page lesson plan.

Creating meaningful engagements in worship, mission, and formation



Agents do things. Patients have things done to them. To give someone agency is to empower them to take action, exercise control, and generate their own results.

Edwin Schlossberg’s little book Interactive Excellence, in which he proclaimed, “the quality of an experience is not measured by the quality of the performance, but by the level of participation among the audience.” People need to be encouraged to do things, not just watch those on stage do things. And while we love hearing exceptional music and are deeply moved by inspired preaching, the greatest opportunities for metamorphosis occur when we respond.

This curriculum will help you appreciate that “one size fits all” doesn’t fit anyone; understand the difference between agents and patients; and create new pathways for agency in worship, spiritual formation, and mission.


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