The Church Isn’t the Greatest: Adapting Aaron Sorken’s Famed Speech from Newsroom


This download is a single-page lesson plan.

Adapting Aaron Sorken’s famed speech from “Newsroom”


Aaron Sorken’s compelling HBO drama Newsroom introduces its protagonist with a compelling speech about why America “isn’t the greatest country in the world…but it could be.” The monologue artfully dismantles the myths of American exceptionalism while simultaneously creating space for the unique cocktail of hope, progress, and anticipation for who the USA might become.

Similarly, Christians may realize that the Church is not the greatest manifestation of God’s love and mercy in the world…but we could be. So let’s dream a little and craft a compelling narrative of our own.

This curriculum will help you learn to adapt cultural content toward Kingdom purpose; learn to speak the common tongue; dream, and articulate that dream with concision and clarity, about the future of the Church; and force ourselves away from negativity, deconstruction, and complaint and toward a hopeful and prophetic future.


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