D.A.R.K: Building Tension in Scenes and Stories


This download is a single-page lesson plan.

Building tension in scenes and stories



In every good story the hero wants something. To get what he wants the hero takes action. But that action doesn’t always work out in the way the hero intends. The hero will either face resistance or reversal. Resistance can be a discovery that the hero’s desire is more difficult to obtain that he first surmised, but more frequently resistance takes the form of an antagonist who will do everything in his considerable power to stop the hero from getting what he wants. A reversal occurs when a hero further away from his goal rather than bringing him one step closer to it. In the end the hero’s desire will either compound, thereby kicking him into another round of action, or be consummated, thereby concluding the story successfully. This curriculum will help you learn how to tell great stories; revise our stories in order to heighten tension and delight audiences with great endings; and become familiar with our own stories, reframing our challenges as opportunities.


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